The Board has reviewed existing and new evidence relating to the staffing allowances provided for Members, to ensure that the financial support available supports the strategic purpose of the Assembly and facilitates the work of its Members as well as ensuring that the system of financial support for Member is robust, clear, transparent, sustainable and represent value for the taxpayer.

The review considered:

  • the adequacy of the level of support provided to Members;
  • the flexibility and prescriptiveness of the current support system for Members; and
  • the suitability of the current terms and conditions of support staff.

To inform the Board’s work it undertook a number of engagement opportunities with Assembly Members and support staff to hear first-hand the issues they face. Following these discussions the Board agreed to issue consultations on the flexibility of the allowances in the Determination for Members and Political Parties. The Board has agreed the implementation of the proposals surrounding the provisions for Members and Political Parties.

The third consultation arising from the review focused on the terms and conditions for support staff. Following careful consideration of the responses received the Board agreed to revise its original proposals. Full details of the Board’s decisions are noted in the note of the meeting.

The Board published its final report on the review of staffing support in July 2019