The Remuneration Board, in its strategy report for 2016-2021, outlines its commitment to publishing its Determination for the Sixth Assembly one year before the Welsh general election in 2021.

As you will be aware the Board’s work is underpinned by a set of principles which include that the financial support and remuneration available for Members should support the strategic purpose of the Assembly; and that decisions must be appropriate within the context of Welsh earnings and the wider financial circumstances of Wales. The Board is also tasked with ensuring that its Determination reflects the complexity and importance of the functions Members discharge and does not deter individuals from seeking election to the Assembly on financial grounds. As such the Board has agreed the following terms of reference for this review:

  • the suitability of the level of support provided within the Determination;
  • the flexibility, prescriptiveness and accessibility of the provisions;
  • the probity, accountability, reasonableness and transparency of the expenditure made available.

The Board agreed its approach to reviewing the Determination at its meeting on 11 October 2018. The review will be split into three parts. After considering each part of work the Board will issue a consultation to seek views on its proposals to amend any provisions within that part. Once the Board has concluded its review of the three parts of the review, a final consultation will be issued to seek views on the Determination as a whole to ensure the package of financial support for Members continues to be fit for purpose. Details of the issues contained in each part of the review and the provisional consultation dates are outlined below:

  Issues under consideration Provisional consultation dates
Part one –        Residential Accommodation Expenditure (Chapter 4)

–        Members’ Travel (Chapter 5)

–        Office Cost Allowance (Chapter 6)

Spring 2019
Part two –        Support for Assembly Members (Chapter 7)

–        Support for Political Parties (Chapter 8)

Summer 2019
Part three –        Members’ Remuneration (Chapter 3)

–        Members leaving office (Chapter 9)

Early autumn 2019
Full consultation All provisions within the Determination Late autumn 2019

The consultation dates are provided for information only and are subject to change. Details of each consultation will be published on the Board’s website.

The Board is aware that should the Commission decide to introduce legislation as part of its Assembly Reform programme it will need to consider if it needs to propose any further changes to the Determination to reflect the legislative proposals. The Board will monitor the development of the Assembly Reform programme to ensure its Determination takes account of constitutional changes and equips Members to undertake their role effectively on behalf of the people of Wales.


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