The Remuneration Board is an independent Board, set up in 2010 to determine the remuneration and allowances for Assembly Members. This is the second Remuneration Board.

On 6 May 2020 the National Assembly for Wales became the Welsh Parliament, to be commonly known as Senedd. As a result, the Board is now known as the Independent Remuneration Board of the Senedd

An Independent Review Panel was established in August 2008 by the then National Assembly Commission to look at all aspects of financial support available to Assembly Members; including pay and allowances for travel, accommodation, constituency offices and support staff. Following the independent review the Panel reported to the Commission in 2009. The then Assembly Commission accepted all 108 of the Panel’s recommendations, one of which was the establishment of a statutory Independent Review Body, which is independent of the Assembly.

The subsequent Measure to establish a National Assembly for Wales Remuneration Board (The National Assembly for Wales (Remuneration) Measure 2010) received Royal Approval on 21 July 2010.

The Board is an independent statutory body which has responsibility for:

  • providing Members of the Senedd with a level of remuneration which fairly reflects the complexity and importance of the functions which they are expected to discharge, and does not, on financial grounds, deter persons with the necessary commitment and ability from seeking election to the Senedd;
  • providing Members of the Senedd with resources which are adequate to enable them to fulfil their functions as Members;
  • ensuring probity, accountability, value for money and transparency with respect to the expenditure of public funds.

The Board is required to act in an open and transparent manner, and, where it considers it appropriate, undertake consultation with those likely to be affected by the exercise of its functions. The Board’s costs and the expenses claimed by the Board members are published at the end of its annual report. The agenda and minutes of each of the Board’s formal meetings are available on the Board’s website.

Board members are appointed by the Senedd Commission and hold office for a fixed term of five years. The Board membership is Dawn Primarolo (Chair), Ronnie Alexander, Trevor Reaney, Mike Redhouse and Jane Roberts. Full biographical details are available.

The Board’s work to date has been underpinned by a set of clearly defined principles:

  • financial support and remuneration for Members should support the strategic purpose of the Senedd and facilitate the work of its Members;
  • decisions must be appropriate within the context of Welsh earnings and the wider financial circumstances of Wales;
  • the system of financial support for Members must be robust, clear, transparent, sustainable and represent value for money for the taxpayer.