Following its meeting on 25 January the Board agreed to consult on a number of issues as part if its annual review of the Determination. The proposals included:

  • increasing support staff salaries for 2018-19 by 2.3 per cent in line with the provisional 2017 figures for ASHE median earnings in Wales;
  • increasing the office cost allowance by 5 per cent in line with the CPI rate for September 2017 and to address the additional cost demands which Members are expected to fund from their budget;
  • offering an uncapped allowance which will be confined to the criteria which is currently used to allow Members to implement security recommendations;
  • maintaining the current allowance for outer area Members of £9,200 per annum/£775 per calendar month, the maximum amount for essential repairs of £882 per annum and the maximum amount of rental costs for Members with dependents of £120 per month.


The Board considered the responses received to the consultation at its March meeting and agreed to implement the above changes with effect from 1 April 2018.