The Remuneration Board met on 5 July. The following is a summary of its discussions and decisions.

Determination for the Sixth Assembly

The Board considered a scoping paper for its review of the Determination for the Sixth Assembly and agreed which areas of the Determination require particular attention during its review. The implications of the Commission’s Assembly reform programme on the Determination will be considered by the Board once more information is available.

Impact of a change in Leader on group support staff

The Board was informed of the current employment tribunal.

Consideration of the draft Annual Report for 2017-18

The Board considered the draft Remuneration Board Annual Report for 2017-18 and agreed to publish the report in due course.

The Board’s Governance of the National Assembly for Wales Assembly Member support staff Pension Scheme

The Board considered the governance of the pension scheme for support staff and agreed there should be a designated body that would be responsible for making decisions on behalf of the scheme. The Board agreed the body would comprise of the Head of Pensions and a representative from both the Board and the Commission. The Board agreed this body should meet on an annual basis.

Review into identifying the incentives for and barriers to standing for election to the National Assembly for Wales

The Board noted the report it had commissioned from Wales Governance Centre, Unpacking Diversity: Barriers and incentives to standing for election to the National Assembly for Wales, which was published on Thursday 5 July. The Board agreed to consider the issues raised in the report during the remainder of its term in office.

Dignity and Respect Policy

The Board noted the results report following the Commission’s recent Dignity and Respect Survey. The Board agreed to consider if it needs to make any changes to existing policies that it has responsibility for in light of the new Policy at its October meeting. The Board noted the outcome of the Standards of Conduct Committee inquiry would also be known by this point.

Other matters

The Board agreed to trial a new application form for Members who wish to make an application for exceptional expenses under section 2.4 of the Determination.

The Board would like to thank all Members who attended the drop-in session for Members during Plenary on 4 July. The Board welcomed the positive feedback received regarding the increased flexibility it had recently introduced to the Determination and agreed to consider the other issues raised in its forward work programme.

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